学び直し【Unlearning & New Learning】

【Unlearning & New Learning】

Covid 19=コロナ以前の考え方を一度捨て(Unlearning)、新しい考えを身に付けたいと思います。未曾有の人類の共通体験で変わるものを世界最高峰の研究機関の一つよりいち早く取り入れ、自分の個人事業や、エバーパークで支援している事業や i-U:


での後期からの教育などに生かすべく、スタンフォードビジネススクールが提供する10週間のコースを受講することにしました。 $7,500が定価で毎日2.5時間の授業が計50回なので $150/回になります。

録画もありますが極力生配信で受講したいので6-8月は 22:00-24:30はこちらに没頭するようにする予定です。生活のリズムをこれに合わせます。
1. Leading in a Turbulent World 6/15 Jun – 26
2. Strategic Leadership 6/29 – 7/10
3. Innovation and Creativity 7/13 Jul – 7/24
4. Entrepreneurial Mindset 7/27 – 8/7
5. Demystifying the Numbers 8/10 – 8/21

1. Leading in a Turbulent World 15 Jun – 26 Jun

Determine a leader’s role during a crisis. Expand your understanding of where crises come from, how they evolve, and how leaders can control them.

Learn techniques for leading through a crisis by successfully solving problems and effectively communicating in high-pressure and ambiguous situations.

Develop tools and frameworks to help you prepare for unidentified threats, better equipping you and your organization for uncertain times.

2. Strategic Leadership 29 Jun – 10 Jul

Explore the essential functions of leadership and enrich your ability to shape the context for strategic execution through the levers of organizational design and leadership.

Improve your strategic thinking skills through the use of a strategy identification framework. This framework focuses on the distinction between creating and capturing value, and on identifying your logic of success.

Understand the power of culture, diversity, and human behavior as they relate to organizational dynamics and strategy.

3. Innovation and Creativity 13 Jul – 24 Jul

Understand what it takes to create and maintain a culture of innovation within your organization.

Discover how to design a human-centered, prototype-driven process for innovation that can be applied to products, services, and experiences.

Learn how to embrace spontaneity, humor, and risk to be a more effective collaborator and communicator.

4. Entrepreneurial Mindset 27 Jul – 07 Aug

Learn tools and frameworks to take your enterprise to the next level by identifying new ways to approach idea generation, adaptation, and growth.

Develop an enhanced understanding of the roles that agility, risk-taking, and failure play in overcoming challenges.

Explore human behavior through neuroscience research and decision making frameworks. Leverage this knowledge to influence individual and organizational behavior.

5. Demystifying the Numbers 10 Aug – 21 Aug

Learn tools and insights from the field of finance to ensure you’re capturing maximum value.

Discover how to harness the power of data and analytics to solve complex strategic decisions.

Gain insights into the markets and platforms that determine financial and investment trends.


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